Small Hydropower (under 10 MW)


Qorlortorsuaq small hydropower plantMannvit has decades of experience in the development of small hydropower, having participated in numerous small hydro projects in Iceland and abroad.  Mannvit's experience with small hydropower is a significant portion of its overall hydropower portfolio with five of the 14 hydropower projects Mannvit has been involved with producing under 10MW. 

Our hydropower specialists offer a comprehensive suite of hydroelectric design and consulting services including, engineering, EIA, project planning, project management and supervision in all phases of small hydroelectric power development including hydraulic design, hydroelectric dams, intakes, spillways, tunnels, penstocks, electromechanical equipment, power transmission lines and electrical substations.

Recent small scale hydropower project examples:

Specific company involvement in these small hydroelectric projects varies but generally includes:  hydropower engineering, civil, structural and mechanical design, feasibility studies, site investigations, cost estimates, contract documents, bid evaluations, environmental impact assessments and reports, project management, project planning and on-site inspections.

Hydropower systems are dependent on very specific combinations of geography, demand and land-use issues, and many of the current opportunities for hydropower are in small hydro.  The definition of small hydro varies but typically pertains to hydro projects generating up to 10 MW.  In the context of much larger hydro plants, such as those found in the United States and Canada, a hydro project may be considered small anywhere up to 30 MW.  Other hydropower project classifications exist including, mini hydro (less than 1 MW) and micro hydro (less than 100 KW).  These are considered subsets of small hydro.

Small Hydropower
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